Adopt a Child Cure Cancer

We have now accepted the fact that Cancer has become morbid disease of masses in this era. Alarming truth is that childhood cancers are becoming more common. Cancers in children are usually related to blood or arise from deeper organs they are often diagnosed late. Hence we cannot subject children for routine cancer screening programs. Childhood Cancers have an excellent recovery and more than 90% children can sail through the disease if treated properly. The treatment has a prolonged course. It is definitely costly by Indian standards. Options like bone marrow transplant are rarity. Unfortunately a large number of families fear expenses, prolonged hospitalization or loss of working hours of parents, so do not treat their kids.

Curie Manavata Cancer Centre has nurtured a dream of treating these kids completely free so that the parents do not have to face financial crises along with the mental trauma. It is a harsh truth that the parents have to leave the kids to die without treatment even in today’s so called modern world. Our efforts in the treatment of these kids have been supported by Nasik Run Charitable Trust, Shri Sai Baba Sansthan Trust Shirdi, Shri Siddhivinayak Trust Mumbai, Hon. Chief Minister Relief Fund, Mayor’s Fund, Intervida, Shri Balaji Mandir Trust, Nasik and a large number of private donations. All these funds are received as donation and the trust is exempted from income tax under section 80G. The list of the children seeking this help is displayed on the website along with their family background.

The donation can be as less as Rs.1/-, since we believe that every drop counts. Let us come together for a cancer free society.