Activities Undertaken

22 June 2011

Session on Cancer Detection and Awareness by Dr. Mahesh Padwal for staff at Schneider, Satpur on 22 June 2011

20 working Staff and around 15 Management level employees attended the session.

09 June 2011

Awareness on Say no to Tobacco by Dr. Nishtha Paleja for workers and staff at Satish Injectoplast, Satpur on 09 June 2011

45 working staff and 15 Management Staff of Satish Injectoplast attended the Awareness Program

31st May 2011

Session on Say No to Tobacco by Dr. Raj Nagarkar at IMA Hall conducted for the workers and delivery boys of Bharat Gas Agency on  31st  May 2011 (World Anti Tobacco day)

IMA members along with 40 working staff of Bharat Gas Agency attended the session

30th April 2011

Session on Changing Trends in Oncology by Dr. Raj Nagarkar at National conference of Ayurveda arranged by NIMA and MUHS on 30th April 2011.

Dr.Arun Jamkar (Vice Chancellor- MUHS) was the Chair person and around 200 doctors attended the session